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Make a Strong Impression with a New Monument or Subdivision Sign! Don't let drivers pass you by on the road. A monument or subdivision sign can make a strong impact and draw customers to your front door. A monument sign will often be the first impression that your customers have of your business as they come to your premises. Make sure your sign gets you noticed - even from a distance. A well designed and executed monument sign gives an impression of quality and permanence like nothing else can.

We can custom design monument signs that will stand out and make your business look as impressive as you are. We’ll make sure that the monument sign delivers the message and presents the image you want. However, if you are located in a shopping center, there may be a single monument sign for the entire complex, typically utilizing a light box and dedicating space to each tenant. We call these marquee signs. We can help you create your marquee sign that will get your business noticed among the others in the same complex.

If you are not a business, a residential subdivision sign serves the same purpose. Give us a call at (678) 714-8700 if you need a new subdivision sign, or if your current one is in need of a facelift. We can help with that too. Our team of consultants will work with you to determine the solution that will work best for you and make sure that your customers will be able to find you.

If you'd like for us to contact you about a monument or subdivision sign, please complete the form below and click the send button.

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Checkout Some Of Our Monument Signage Projects

Big Green Egg

In May of last year we were contacted by Jeff West of the Big Green Egg. For those not familiar with the Big Green Egg, it is an outdoor kamado cooker that has the flexibility to do everything from baking to smoking to grilling. This is why many consider it to be “The Ultimate Cooking Experience”.  The “Egg” has many loyal followers, one of which is Mat, on our team, and has become a sort of culture among these fans.

The company started in Atlanta and were currently located in Tucker. They found a new location with very high visibility at the corner of one of the busiest stretches of road in Atlanta: the intersection of Interstates 85 and 285. They wanted a sign in the front of their new location to make a statement and make sure everyone knew that it was the “home of The Egg”.

Custom Monument SignsMonument Sign that Makes a Statement

We worked with the team for several months looking at several options for their new monument sign. Some of the earlier designs included making a three-dimensional monument sign in the shape of a Big Green Egg made of high density urethane and another was a flat pan-faced sign.  We also went back and forth as to whether or not the sign would be lighted.

When the final decision was made, they decided to go with two embossed and molded pan faces shaped like the famous cooker to fit on an unlit monument sign.  The embossed faces would still give them the three-dimensional effect at a lower cost than the fully molded sign and keep it within their budget for the sign.  Since the size of the faces were 10′ by 15′, they were too large to make on one piece, so we had to strategically place the seam to allow for support but not take away from the design.

Channel Letters Directional SignsThe Rest of the Project

While the pan faces were being manufactured, they also had us work on a few other projects to facilitate their move to the new location.  These jobs included:

  • Moving their existing back-lit channel letters to the new facility and changing the lighting within them to green LEDs,
  • Create directional signage for their parking lot, and
  • Create and install various signs for the interior of the new building which included window vinyl, perforated vinyl and poly-metal (dibond) signs.

The last thing they wanted us to do was to move their existing 18 foot tall monument sign to be used as a directional sign guiding customers to their new culinary center. However, there was a catch:  they only wanted to move the top 8 feet of it!  We had to cut it down, create a new foundation, and finally set the monument, and adding the arrows needed to show the way.

Window GraphicsWhen they finally got everything done and were ready for the Grand Opening of the new facility, the Pinnacle Team was invited. We enjoyed walking through the building and seeing the overall effect of the entire project as well as the yummy food prepared on, you guessed it, Big Green Eggs.  The final surprise (for us, anyway) was a paperweight which featured the front of their new building, with the large monument sign and the back-lit channel letters prominently featured and was given away to all the attended their grand opening.

Hensley Automotive

As many in the sign industry would say, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.”  Business signs are vital to attracting customers to your place of business and can be considered your 24×7 sales team.  Exterior signs, such as building signs and monument signs mounted near a road attract the attention of passing motorists.

Ken Hensley, of Hensley Automotive Services in Buford, GA, recently approached us to help him with a new and improved monument sign.  Monument Sign with LED Message Board-500x323Hensley Automotive Services is on Friendship Road (now known as Lanier Islands Parkway), which has been undergoing a widening project over the past three years.  With the construction project, the old sign was in the right of way and had to be taken down.

Ken saw this as an opportunity to upgrade his sign to include a changeable LED board so that he could show specials, time, temperature, etc. to draw customers to his establishment.

One thing that limited us in the design of the new sign, however, was the sign ordinances for the City of Buford.  According to the city’s code, the sign could only be of a certain height, had to have brick or stone all the way around the sign face, and had to have a total of 64 square feet for both sign faces combined.

With those restrictions in mind we created several versions of the sign for Ken to review for approval. The final design uses a single lighted cabinet, where the top half of each side houses an acrylic sign face which features the Hensley logo, and the bottom half is the changeable LED message board.  Once Ken agreed to the design, the fun started.

Monument SignsThe first step was getting the permit approved from the city.  We filled out the appropriate forms, provided required documentation then finally received approval. The next step was to dig the footing for the sign.  When this was done, an inspection had to be completed by the city code enforcement team.

The following two steps happened simultaneously:  we fabricated the sign cabinet, installed the LED in it, and built the brick structure for the sign.  Once everything was ready, the sign itself was set, the stone was finished and a stucco topper was put on.

Most monument sign projects such as this, have many moving parts and involves many players to bring the it to fruition.  Like this project, these require knowledge of the various code restrictions, a solid design, inspections, fabricators, and skilled installers. As the sign company working with the customer, we also take on the role of project manager to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place and the client is happy with the final results.

Apex Apartment Complex

Earlier this year, Venterra Realty, an apartment complex management and ownership company, purchased a property in Atlanta known as Apex West Midtown that was in need of upgrading their signage. Venterra aims to deliver the most important qualities of a home: community, comfort and happiness.

They meet these needs through exceptional service, convenient locations, attractive amenities, competitive pricing, and community events. They aim to listen and understand the needs of each customer so that their residents experience “A Better Way of Living”.

Apartments Directional Parking Outdoor SignageThe new complex had been around for a few years and Venterra wanted to update the signage in order to re-brand the community and give it a more modern feel. Teri Davis, the Regional Manager for Venterra, contacted us for pricing and ideas on signage. Time was of the essence in that they had been working with someone else but had not been satisfied with what they were seeing.

When dealing with large projects such as this, it is critical that a good site survey is done as there are typically several types of signs with many variations. Don initially walked the property with Teri to get a good idea of the scope of the project and how best to complete the task. The upgrade called for several types of signs.

    • Directional signage for the garages and hallways. There were no signs directing visitors to the various places on the properties, such as the leasing office, resident parking, retail space as well as other amenities.
    • ADA signage for the elevators. Handicapped accessible elevators were not properly identified as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
    • Leasing Center signage. In addition to directing people to the leasing center, Venterra wanted the office to stand out and required additional signage. Here they were looking for a wrap on the door as well as some dimensional letters above the door.
    • Perforated Window Vinyl was needed to replace the existing branding
    • Apartment Building SignsAdding a Sign Face to a Monument Sign that stood at the front of the property.
    • A large banner for the side of the building letting new residents know what Apex had to offer when they live there.
    • Increasing the size of the large tenant sign that was on the street. The existing tenant signage did not have enough space to accommodate all the retail tenants and needed to be updated with the new look.

Working with the design team at Venterra, we gained approval on all of the signage and set a timeline for completion of the different phases of the upgrade project. A majority of the signs were created using digital prints mounted to poly-metal (also known as di-bond). Since the new graphics were very vibrant, this allowed the colors to really stand out on all the new signs such as the directional and other outdoor signs.

Apartments Apartment SignageLater in the project, we did a second site visit and realized that a large section of windows that was not included in the original scope of the project had worn and faded vinyl as well. We wound up adding this to the project as well.

After installing all of the signs, the residents and guests are now able to navigate the facility with ease. Apex’s fresh contemporary look will surely attract new tenants and Venterra was very satisfied with the finished project.

As with most changes in ownership of a property, the new owners want to give it their own branding, in addition to giving it a fresh new look. A full service sign company can help give a consistent look to the entire site, even if there are several different types of signs, requiring varied materials.

New Monument Sign for Stor-Your-Stuf

Stor-Your-Stuf contacted Pinnacle Custom Signs since they were in need of a new sign to identify their location on a busy road in Flowery Branch, GA. The county was also planning on widening the street in the very near future, so this needed to be taken into consideration for the placement of the new sign.

The old sign was a light house which included a light box to allow Stor-Your-Stuf to announce special deals to attract customers. It was not very prominent and would be easily missed if you weren’t looking for it.

The new sign is approximately 10′ tall by 8′ wide and still sports a light box with tracks so that the customer can still advertise special deal to its customers using changeable letters. This sign will now be clearly visible to passersby, especially after the road is widened.