Treetop Quest is an adventure park with a zip line, climbing wall, and a ropes course. If you have kids or want to introduce them to adventure, then this place is for you! You will love the zipline ride and the zip lining experience. The trees are very tall so that it feels like you’re in another world. The entire family will enjoy the place as it has activities for all ages. It’s located in Gwinnett County, Georgia which is about an hour drive from Atlanta. Call your friends and family to explore this amazing attraction at 2020 Clean Water Dr, Buford, GA 30519. Additional info

What to expect at Treetop Quest?

The adventure park features a climbing wall, zip line, ropes course, and a tree top walk. There is also an archery range and a three legged challenge course. The archery range is great for beginners as the targets are large and the arrows are weighted so you can’t injure yourself. There is a huge zip line that links the trees, so you can zip from one tree to another. There are also rope courses and climbing walls for both children and adults. The tree top walk is a great way to get a birds eye view of the park. The park also has great picnic areas, playground, and a petting zoo. There is also a great restaurant. There is something here for everyone. The staff are very friendly and helpful. This is a great place to spend a day with the family.

Treetop Quest Pros and Cons

Pros – Great zipline experience, great tree top walk, great climbing wall, petting zoo, outdoor playground, picnic areas, restaurant, and much more. Cons – The zipline is a bit pricey, parking is limited, the petting zoo is small, and there is no mini golf. A fantastic read

Treetop Quest Pricing

Adults – $29.95 Children (ages 6 to 12) – $19.95 Children under 6 – Free Seniors (ages 60 and up) – $29.95

Safety and insurance requirements

All visitors to Treetop Quest must wear a safety harness, a helmet, and shoes. You must also sign a waiver and receive a wristband. The waiver says that in the event of an accident, you agree to be responsible for any medical bills and property damage. All patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver and wristband. All patrons under the age of 18 must have their wristsband on at all times. The zip line and tree top walk are both extremely dangerous, and you must follow all safety and insurance requirements. You must attach yourself securely to the line and be able to reach the safety line within 30 seconds in the event of a fall. All harnesses are inspected before they are allowed on the zip line and tree top walk. There are insurance requirements as well. You must purchase liability insurance.