Does your Monument Sign Need a Makeover?  4 Design Trends to Consider

We all know about monument signs.  You probably see hundreds of them every day.  Churches, office buildings, medical parks, schools, shopping centers, and even subdivisions all utilize them to draw attention and create landmarks for visitors.  Most of these signs are lower to the ground and made from hard materials or masonry from stone and brick.

Monument Signs Cost | Stone Monument Signs
Monument sign created by a lighted cabinet on top of a faux brick base.

Because of local sign ordinances, some businesses choose monuments for ease of compliance with zoning.  However, you don’t have to settle with a very bland sign.

Here are 4 ideas to makeover your monument signage:

  1. Make it a Matching Accessory

Brick, stone, split face block, stucco, and foam replicas are the most typical materials for monument signs. Utilizing these materials gives you the option of making your monument sign match the architecture of your building with both material and design. This gives the business the ability to build their brand by creating a common look.

2. Creativity with Carving

Carved signs give a monument sign an “old school” look and feel.  When mounted to a monument a carving can convey style to the consumer. Carvings are not always done in wood.  Creating a custom sign carving can be done in multiple materials to add that touch of cleverness to your company’s brand.  In addition, custom carvings can have a long lifespan when properly maintained.

Stone Monument Sign | Monument Sign Design
Monument Sign for Chastain Manor

3. Light it up with LED

Since many different designs and graphics can be added to a monument, it is also possible to use LED.  Illuminating your signage can help grab the attention of customers any time of day, but it makes even more of an impact at night.  Spotlights are easy options to illuminate your businesses name or message, but actually adding LED to channel, sign cabinets with an LED inside, and digital message centers can improve the benefit of your company’s monument.  

4. Fabricate it with Foam

The traditional look of a monument signs convey class and a higher-end business that helps attract customers. The quality of your sign can also convey the quality of your business to a customer.  Since the cost of masonry is sometimes a deal breaker for start-up companies, utilizing foam is a real alternative.  Foam monuments with veneer replicas of brick and stone looks just as classy and have the ability to sustain durability.  Even though foam signs are not always cheaper, they are easier to replace.  However, for longer term sign installs it is always best to consider the longevity of traditional monument signs that can offer the beauty of natural materials.

Monument Sign with LED Message Board | Outdoor Electronic Message Boards
Monument Sign with LED Message Board

Designing your monument sign can be challenging and rewarding, but the key element in to make sure it conveys your brand.  If your sign conveys vintage but your foyer says country chic, then rethink the first impression a new potential client sees. 

Our team has experience in helping our clients create the right look and feel for our clients.  If your are considering a monument sign and would like a free estimate, give us a call.

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