Custom Signs for Offices in San Diego, CA

What types of business signs are used in lobby areas?

Marketing is about communicating your message to your ideal customer; it doesn’t stop when they get to your front door. When a customer walks in through your front door, how are they greeted? By a drab, dull area or by a bright, welcoming one? The decor and signage in your reception area is key to making a good first impression. One of the primary types of signage that most companies use is a custom wall logo.

Your wall logo should be displayed where a visitor will easily see it immediately. Often, this is over and behind the receptionist desk. Logo signs can be as simple as vinyl wall graphics, or they can be three dimensional signs. Dimensional signs are usually better because they allows for more brand expression than a 2D image provides. Vinyl graphics are an excellent option for areas with little space or with a tight budget because they are cost-effective and easy to install and remove.

Dimensional signs can be made out of a variety of materials depending on your budget and desired look. For example, you can use real wood or metal in creating the sign or you can use a material that looks like it but is lighter weight and more cost-effecient. Lighting is also an important consideration; an beautiful sign left in the dark isn’t going to be very effective.

Lighting can be achieved using external lighting, like the lighting that is already present, or by incorporating lighting into the sign. Back lighting can emphases the dimensional nature of your sign; channel lighting is also an option depending on your sign design.

Are your office signs working for you?

A beautiful, eye-catching sign is a good thing to have but it also has to serve the business goals. A sign should help your business engage with views, inform them of a message, and promote your brand, your business. A sign that doesn’t accomplish these things is a waste of money.

To be engaging, a sign needs to catch the viewers attention and make them look closely. This means that a sign designer has to balance the look of the sign with its functionality. It has to pass on a message after catching your eye.

When considering your reception area, there are several types of signs that you can use. The logo sign is the most common as it is the condensed representation of your brand. It should be easily seen when people walk into your location.

Other types of signage are wall graphics. These can be used to add wording, like your company mission statement, or to add elements of décor, like adding a pattern to a wall.

What types of custom signs will you need?

Your company’s culture should be reflected in the decor of your office. You can often tell a lot about the culture by their logo sign in the lobby. Companies that deal in business to business work will often have professional vibe; their sign may have more straight lines and cleanly defined details. However, what the company does plays an important role. A creative agency will display their creativity with the sign, often incorporating more color and subtle details into their sign.
So, what kinds of office signs do you need in a typical office environment?

When visitors walk in, they need to be able to identify that they are in the right place and know where they need to go or what they need to do. Having a well designed lobby will help ensure that they have a positive experience. A logo sign should be displayed prominently when they first walk in, often over and behind the receptionist’s desk. A company directory should also be easily found to help guide individuals to the correct offices. Wall graphics and other signage can be used as needed.

Labeling the rooms and areas around your office is important. Certain rooms and areas are required to have specific type of signage by the ADA Guidelines; this means using braille, raised letters, pictograms, and the right colors. Don’t worry though, the guidelines still leave room for a lot of customization for your branding. Other areas of your office may or may not need ADA compliant signage. You should consider labeling any area that is consistently used for a purpose or by a person. Room signs can be as simple as a plastic window sign that allows you to insert a piece of paper to update the sign, or it could be more permanent and professional with an engraved metal sign. There are many different options available.

Other signage can be used to add an element of decor or use to your office. Wall graphics with an inspirational quote or saying or image is often used; you can even use vinyl graphics for purely design reasons like adding a pattern to a wall. You really are only limited by your imagination.

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