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Building Signs in San Diego, CA

Location, location, location. When researching signage to identify your place, you ought to take into consideration a number of variables, including the view from the street ways, city signage ordinances and regulations, the cost, and more importantly – what type of sign will function best.

Your business’s space needs to be visible, particularly if you are a retail-based organization or have clients traveling to your offices. Let us assist you to figure out the best signage for your business! We have years of experience in the industry and will work with you to provide you with exactly what you need.

Building Mounted Signs

Signage that is placed on a structure’s exterior is building mounted signs or simply building signs. There are many types of signage that can be mounted on the exterior of your building. By considering the local sign rules and regulations are and what works best for your building, signage design, and budget, you are able to narrow down your options. Here are some types of signs to consider.

Channel Letter Signs

Also called dimensional letters, channel letters is a very well liked style of signage because of how easily it can be to customize it. You can make a sign by using any font as well as just about any graphic element very easily. The components used are usually fairly lightweight and affordable – such as led lighting, aluminum, and plastic housing materials.

Lighted Sign Box

Otherwise known as sign cabinets, a sign box uses interior illumination to illuminate the sign face which is a partially translucent material. You could have a single or two-sided sign; also, the sign face can be customized to incorporate things like an embossed face for a bolder look.

Light boxes may be mounted in several different ways, such as being a masonry base, wall mounted, pole mounted and more. An added benefit to sign cabinets might be that the sign graphic could be fairly easy to replace, making it an economical solution. Discuss these options with your sign company to determine what will work for your sign.

Awning Signs

Also known as canopy signs, these kinds of signs utilize a functional building element to promote your business. In simple terms, a canopy sign is a canopy with text and/or graphics painted or screen printed on top of its surface area.

Manufactured from heavy canvas, it may be illuminated and, if so, can be illuminated in several ways, including backlighting. A backlit canopy sign is lit up from underneath by a high output light that shines through the canopy material, revealing whatever graphic or text is on it. In addition, it improves nighttime legibility and gives light to the area underneath.

Types of Sign Lighting

A useful sign is a clearly lite sign. Even if your organization is typically open 9-5, a sign which is correctly illuminated will be easier for anyone to see, building up brand awareness and recognition of your business. Below are some ways that a sign could be lighted.

“Halo” Lighting

Backlit signs are lighted from behind which causes a halo effect around them, contributing to better visibility.

Cove Lighting

Cove lights are widely used to illuminate signs such as billboards, canopy signs, and more. It provides great lighting with excellent energy cost savings, particularly by using LED lighting.

Interior / Face Lighting

Commonly used with light cabinets and channel lettering, interior lighting is when the light for the sign is embedded within the sign itself. Because most signs use standard, white LED lights, the materials which the sign face is made of will often determine the actual color of the sign. In some cases, you may even integrate tinted lighting as well. It is possible to combine the face lighting and halo lighting.

Business Signage San Diego CA

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