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External Wall-Mounted Signage in Atlanta, GA

You spent time and effort finding and selecting the right location for your business. Don’t let that go to waste! Your location needs to be visible and well branded so that customer can find you and so that you can build brand awareness.

When you are looking for the right signage for your location, you need to consider a variety of factors including the sign design, the local ordinances, the cost, etc. We work with local and national business to design and manufacture signage that meets their needs and budgets. Contact us today to get started with a free evaluation of your signage needs.

Signage for Buildings

Mounted signs (also known as exterior building signs) are placed on the exterior of your building. Every location is different, so it is important to consider a variety of factors including existing building structures (such as awnings/canopies), building rules and guidelines, your ideal sign design, and more. Here are a few types of signs that are popular.

Dimensional Signs

Channel letter signs are a very popular type of dimensional signage. Many businesses choose channel letters because it is very easy to customize the font used and because of how clean and crisp it is. It uses internal lighting to make each element stand out. Channel lettering is usually mounted to the external face of a building.

Sign Cabinets

Also called sign boxes, these signs use an internal light source to shine through the sign face, revealing the graphics printed on it. Typically used as street-side signage, these signs can be mounted to your building or mounted apart from your building, on a pole or masonry base.

An added benefit of sign boxes is how potentially easy it is to change out the graphic for a new graphics. You can also get double the signage by having a double-sided box.

Canopy Signs

Also called awning signs, this type of sign uses lighting to highlight lettering and/or graphics painted or screen printed onto an awning. It is a good way to make use of an existing building feature.

Awnings are typically made out of a heavy canvas which graphics can be printed onto. It can be illuminated with a backlit that shines up through the fabric, revealing the graphic, or through an overhead light that shines down onto the surface. Backlit is a popular option because it serves multiple functions – providing light for the sign and the area underneath the awning.

Different Kinds of Lighting for Signs

A well lite sign is important, even if your business is only open 9 to 5. Keeping your sign lite during the night can help build recognition as people drive by. For those drivers that do not convert immediately into a sale, your business name and location are reinforced on every pass.

Depending on the sign, there are a number of different ways to sign a sign. Here are a few.

Backlit Lighting

This type of lighting involves placing the light source behind the sign. This creates a halo effect on some signs and, like we mentioned above, shines through the sign material. Backlighting can also be used with another type of lighting for greater effect.

Cove Lighting

Simply put, it’s a light source that illuminates the front of a sign. Typically, it fits into an alcove or groove; this type of lighting can also be used to create unique lighting aside form a sign.

Face Lighting

While Cove lighting illuminates the front of a sign, face lighting is when the light source is embedded within the sign, like with channel letters and sign cabinets. The material used to create the sign face usually determines the color of the sign, as the light source is most likely a white LED.

Looking for A Sign Company?

Pinnacle Custom Signs is a sign company that works with national and local businesses to create custom signage solutions. We work with business from development to production to permitting and installation. If you are looking for building signage in Atlanta, contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

Gulf Coast Grill Building Signs

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