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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

They are often described as “mobile billboards” since they advertise wherever the vehicle travels: building brand recognition and advertising your company. This is especially true when you are traveling the busy roads in the metro-Atlanta area.

As one of the most affordable ways to make a statement, Vehicle Graphics are skyrocketing in popularity. Cost-effective and informative, putting graphics on your company vehicle increases exposure, displays information to your potential customers quickly, and establishes company identity. And whether it's one car or a fleet, your company's reputation is on display — your vehicle graphics must showcase your professional image.

Few signs deliver the value of a quality vehicle wrap. We have the insight and experience to get your job done right. We take the time to work with you to understand your message and help to design your vehicle graphics to get the most “bang for your buck”, while staying within your budget.

Vehicle graphics range from the application of vinyl lettering and decals to partial and full vehicle wraps. We have the expertise to apply graphics all types of vehicles: cars, sports utility vehicles, vans, service trucks, pick-up trucks, boats and more.

Let us help you with creating graphics for your vehicle that will get your business recognized by your customers and potential customers wherever you may go.

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The different types of vehicle graphics

When looking at vehicle graphics, you first need to look at your budget and the parameters of your vehicles. We always ask prospective customers upfront what their budget is, not because we want to max out their budget, but because we want to give them the best options available.

Typically, there are 5 different types of graphics. Here is a quick list of them and their average costs per vehicle**.

  • Car Magnets (Cost per vehicle: ~$100)
  • Car Decals (Cost per vehicle: $350 - $1000)
  • Rear Window Graphics (Cost per vehicle: $250 - $350)
  • Partial Wraps (Cost per vehicle: $1400 - $2000)
  • Full Wraps (Cost per vehicle: $2000 - $3500)

** Average cost is just an estimate, a ballpark figure. Contact us for a more accurate estimate of what your costs may be.

It’s important to talk to an experienced vehicle wrap company about your ideas; we can help you determine what type of vehicle graphics is best for your business.

Car Magnets

Magnets are an excellent option for businesses that employ contractors or who need to park their vehicles in HOA or similarly restrictive areas. They allow you to only have the graphics on your vehicle when you need them, and they allow you to transfer the graphics to other vehicles.

Box truck with decalsMost sets of magnets have a driver side and passenger side magnet with your business logo, phone number, and other important information. Typically, you’ll pay about $100 for a set of quality car decal magnets.

Vehicle Decals

Car decals are different from partial wraps because they aren’t intended to cover a large portion of a vehicle. It is a more permanent option than car magnets and is much more durable.

Businesses usually choose to do decals when they want to present more information and/or improve the look of the graphics. The customer perception of a decal versus a magnet is that a company is more established and reliable when they use a more permanent vehicle graphics option.

Rear Window Graphics

Max Air Rear Window Graphics

Car decals cost about $350 to $1000 depending on the size & number of the graphics and the vehicle.

When you are driving around town, you most frequently notice the backs of other vehicles. This is why rear window graphics are a great option for businesses. Someone is more likely to notice and remember more information when they can easily see the graphic – like when they are stopped at a red light or in traffic.

Putting graphics on your windows isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to interfere with your visibility when driving. Perforated vinyl is the most commonly used material because it allows you to see through it while still clearly displaying the graphic. You can use opaque vinyl for some graphic elements, but we don’t recommend using a large amount of it on a rear window because it does reduce your visibility.

Typically, rear window graphics cost about $250 to $350, depending on the size of the graphics.

This vehicle uses a partial wrap by taking advantage of the vehicle's colorPartial Wraps

Partial wraps are an excellent, cost effective alternative to full wraps; typically used when you can incorporate the color of the vehicle with the graphic. It saves you money from a vinyl / wrap standpoint while still delivering a clean, crisp look.

For example, Unlimited Landscaping in Atlanta gets vehicle wraps for all of their vehicles. Because their colors are green and blue, they purchase vehicles that match their company’s blue color and do a partial wrap to add their graphics to it.

Typically, a partial wrap will cover over 50% of the vehicle. The average cost is $1400 to $2000 depending on the size of the vehicle and other factors.

Full Wraps

full boat wrap

While many full vehicle wraps are work vehicles - trucks, cars, vans - you can also do full wraps on vehicles like boats.

Full vehicle wraps are the most eye-catching options available. You get the most space possible in which to convey your business image and message. Many of our customers use full wraps on their vehicle fleets to provide a consistent look across many different types of vehicles.

Full wraps can cost from $2000 to about $3500 depending on the size of the vehicle.

Color Change Wrap

A color change wrap is an interesting form of a full wraps that focuses on changing the color of the car, rather than adding business graphics. It’s often used to add artistic graphics to a vehicle, as opposed to just simply changing the color. Examples include a chrome look, gradients, etc. These types of wraps can be more cost effective than a paint job ($8000+).

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Related Projects

Going from Partial Vehicle Wraps to a Full Van Wrap

Leonel Castillo of Castillo Painting has been a good customer of ours since shortly after we started our business. Castillo Painting was founded fourteen years ago with a vision of providing a reliable, competitive painting and remodeling service that would become one of the finest in the metro-Atlanta area. He proudly displays his motto, “Quality work that sets us apart” on all his vehicles. Castillo Painting Van Wrap

Partial Vehicle Wraps We have done many small signs for him and partially wrapped two vehicles: a KIA Soul and a pick-up truck, which can be seen in the two smaller pictures at the bottom of the page.

With his business continuing to grow, he recently decided to add vans to his fleet. And, for the first time, he wanted a full van wrap instead of a partial wrap or enhanced graphics as we did in the previous two vehicles.

Full Van Wrap

Although different vehicles, as well as different types of graphic applications,
there is a consistency in the look of all of Castillo’s vehicles.

He sat down with our production manager and lead designer, Joanne, to start the process. Leonel wanted to keep some aspects of his previous graphics including color, font, and logos. However, he wanted the wrap to also highlight his painting business.

After a few variations, Joanne came up with the interesting concept of having the wrap look like a newly painted wall, along with roller marks and a roller, while keeping the colors and text found on his partial wraps. The final design left no doubt that he was in the painting business.

After the design and print, the install was completed and Leonel was extremely happy with how branded his new vehicle is now, and plans to do a second van in the next few weeks. He is looking forward to getting his brand noticed as his crew drives around town sporting his new vehicle design.

Our Sign Introduced Us to Our Neighbor Global Electronic Services

Shortly after we moved into our new facility, we had a visit from Margie Petzold from Global Electronic Services, who saw our sign out front. Global Electronic Services provides industrial electronic repair and surplus solutions for all models and manufacturers of industrial electronics, motors and hydraulics. Their headquarters are located in four buildings at the back of the industrial complex where we relocated last winter.

Truck Graphics WrapsMargie mentioned that Global had a need for a lot of different types of signage, and while they had a company that they had been working with, they thought that with us being close to their facilities, they wanted to try using our services.

The first project on the plate was for a Ford F-350 truck wrap. The design phase for this project took quite a bit of time before it was finalized. It featured several photos showing examples of their unique equipment and services such as motor rewinding and balancing services.

Because the photos need to be enlarged quite a bit, it took some time to get the photos which had high enough resolution to provide high quality images showing what they wanted their potential customers to see. The design also included a listing of all the different types of motors & electronics they can service.

Predominantly featured in the design was their corporate colors of orange and blue – two complementary colors which are certain to draw the attention of other motorists. The orange sections had their logo in a “ghosted fashion” using a step and repeat pattern, building their brand recognition.

Cargo Van WrapsShortly after that, we were asked to wrap a Nissan NV commercial cargo van. As many fleet wraps do, this van wrap had many of the same design features as the F-350. However, since this was a much larger vehicle, there was more “real estate” for additional graphics.

A unique feature of this vehicle wrap, was that they wanted the entire roof wrapped, something that isn’t typically done on large vehicles unless they are driven near tall buildings where the roof will be seen often. Since we were wrapping the roof, and the rest of the graphics were quite busy, the design was kept simple and just featured their logo, a large letter “G” with a globe, on the custom orange background.

Since completing the two vehicle wraps, we have worked with Global on a few other projects, all of which keep a consistent look to their brand. Being a full-service sign company, we are able to fill many different sign needs, not just vehicle graphics. If you have several different sign needs, click the button below to contact us and get more information.