Custom Lobby Sign for PURE Drinkware

Lobby Sign for PURE Drinkware

PURE Drinkware is a unique drinkware company. Chip Lovern, a U.S. Marine, started the company after his unit was ordered to destroy the water which was stored in direct sunlight because of the photo decay of the plastics leachging into the water. Even though the bottles were BPA free, the watter bottles were deemed unsafe for human consumption.

PURE Drinkware is designed to prevent the leeching of chemical by using safe materials, like aluminum and copper. In addition, the drinkware is designed to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. Built to be durable and safe for everyone whether you keep it indoors or leave it out in the sun.

Custom Lobby Sign

Headquartered in Buford, GA, PURE came to us with the need of a statement lobby sign that reflected their branding and values. They worked with our design team to ensure that all elements were perfect.

The sign is made of routed 3mm brushed aluminum finish PolyMetal face with white acrylic behind it and digital prints on translucent vinyl with mounted with standoffs and lighting.

Lighted signs are a great choice for adding impact to a sign. Because this sign uses standoffs and the sign face is routed with translucent vinyl, the back lighting of the sign illuminates the sign face as well as creating a halo effect around the sign.

The sign face is made from a 3mm brushed aluminum finish Polymetal. This is important because PolyMetal is a made from a recycled thermoplastic core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. PURE Drinkware is environmentally conscious so using recycled material was important. The aluminum finish was key for branding as it ties directly into their products.

Routed signs are easily made from a variety of materials with our in-house routing machines. The routing allowed us to conserve on materials and make a streamlined sign with the translucent vinyl.

Quick Turnaround With Business Signs

Lobby signs like this one for PURE have a quick turnaround because we are able to do it in-house and because indoor signs do not typically require any permitting or approval.

PURE came to us on August 13th; and the sign was installed on August 30th. A 17 day timeline.

Lobby signs are an investment that can move with your company. Because this sign was designed to be plugged into a wall outlet, they have the ability to move it as needed. And the standoff mounting system is less damaging to the wall than other methods.

If your business is looking for a new business sign for your office or lobby, give us a call for a free quote. We’ll walk you through our process and the options best suited for your needs.

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