AEON Global Health Project

Upgrading Workspaces For AEON
AEON came to Pinnacle Custom Signs with a tight deadline on a rebranding sign project.

In 2018, we were contacted by AEON Global Health about helping them rebranding their image. The challenge was that they were on a tight deadline due to a planned unveiling party in only a couple of weeks. Thankfully, they had the artwork ready to go.

In the end, we installed a variety of wall graphics, floor graphics, dimensional letters and banners by the deadline by working around the clock. Some of these graphics include:

  • Focal Wall that conveyed the vision of the company
  • Wall decals that used icons to help improve the readability and information retention
  • Floor graphics that added an unexpected element to the space.

We were able to work on a tight deadline for this project because of our in-house capabilities, the willingness of our team to work weekends, the preparedness of AEON with the majority of the design assets on hand, and the excellent communication throughout the project.

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