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At PURE Drinkware we have been passionate about stainless for years. It all began when the owner, Chip Lovern a U.S. Marine, was deployed to Iraq. During his deployment, Command sent down word to stop drinking all water that had been stored outside on pallets in direct sunlight due to the photo decaying of the plastics leaching into the water making it unsafe for human consumption. Even though the bottles were BPA free, Chip and his fellow Marines were still instructed to dump out all water and receive in new pallets of water and immediately cover these with tarps to help prevent the photo decaying.

It was at this time Chip began to research and wanted to fully understand the dangers of drinking out of all forms of plastic including those that were BPA free. Through much research, PURE Drinkware determined stainless steel is the most versatile and safe natural material source for drinkware. While glass is also a decent alternative to plastic it is not conducive to travel or outdoor activities. Stainless provides you with the ease for on the go and the comfort of knowing that what you are drinking is PURE.

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